I just bought a new gun that I can’t shoot!

On average out of every 10 students or shooters I deal with, about 3 or 4 have a newly purchased handgun they are trying to shoot they are not comfortable with, and are not able to shoot it safely or accurately. Let me clarify I am not referring to a beginner student that just does not know how to shoot. Im talking about someone that purchases a gun because they think it will be a good gun for them by reviews, price, looks, or a recommendation.  Don’t get me wrong, all those reasons are very important and yes, those subjects need to be researched however; all the “research” in the world will not tell you if that particular gun will be comfortable for you to shoot.

I am going to gear this toward the selection of concealed handguns for protection through concealed carry. This is important because there is a huge difference between a full size frame you might use for target practice verses a gun made small enough for you to carry on or about your person throughout your daily activities.

If you are a beginner my advice is to learn how to shoot a handgun 1st, before you purchase a handgun for concealed carry purposes. By using the comparison between a rifle(long gun) vs. a handgun(short gun) we know a long gun is way more accurate than a pistol at longer distances. The same deduction can be made comparing a full size pistol with a longer barrel to a smaller concealed carry pistol with a shorter barrel.

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This weeks topic stems from a question presented to me late last week. “Can I be looked at more harshly if I am forced to use my hand gun in a justified shooting but I had hollow points loaded: being they are designed to do more damage and kill”?

Let me start by explaining there are numerous types, and brands of target, and self defense type ammunition on the market. This is not an endorsement of any kind of ammo. Lets start by covering the legal end of what you are allowed to carry. With too many types, and brands to cover completely lets just simplify the matter by breaking ammo down into the following 3 types.

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