I am constantly advertising and promoting my LTC classes. At the same time I am constantly fielding phone calls and social media questions asking when I will hold a CHL class because that is what they are looking for.

Allow me to put this confusion to bed.  Prior to 1 January 2016 Texas issued a CHL(Concealed Handgun License) to those who met state requirements. This allowed license holders to carry a handgun concealed any place not prohibited by notice of the property owner.

On Jan1 2016 HB 910 was passed that allows license holders to carry either openly or concealed if they possess a license, and is not prohibited by notice on that particular piece of property.

With HB 910 in effect, the name CHL was changed to License To Carry, commonly referred to as the LTC. A license issued to a person prior to 1 Jan 2016 can now carry either Openly or Concealed, and any licenses issued since that day allow the same but are titled LTC. Licenses are valid for 4 years initially and 5 years on renewals.   Those that still have CHL’s will have them replaced with an LTC.

In simple terms, an LTC is in affect the same as a CHL or CCW and an LTC is what you  want to be issued in Texas if you wish to carry a handgun.

Why do other instructors have CHL listed as their business? Its simple: Logo’s material, copyrights, etc all cost money and they have been left alone since they were developed prior to the LTC. All Texas DPS certified instructors  present the same mandated material no matter the verbiage used in the title.

Hope to see you soon as a student learning the laws, and rules, of how to safely and legally carry a handgun to protect yourself and loved ones.



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