This course is designed to prepare you for the State License to carry live fire qualification. No TCL curriculum will be covered.

Geared toward new shooters or rusty shooters that need to get familiar with their old or new firearm.

Topics covered will be Firearm Safety, basic shooting fundamentals, and a live fire PRACTICE qualification administered  the way you will qualify when you take your LTC course.

This course can be done as private lessons or in a group.  The “classroom instruction” will usually last between 1 and 2 hours and depending on skill level the live fire time is objective.

The live fire portion begins with:

Phase 1: A group shooting  consisting of 25 rounds (1/2 of the qualification) at various distances to assess your individual skill level. Once this phase is complete we will break down to..

Phase 2: A one on one coaching mode to work through whatever issues you may or may not be having individually or as a group.

Phase 3: finishes up the course with a 50 round qualification administered as if you were officially qualifying for your LTC using actual targets and distances.  This will allow you to decide if you are ready to qualify or if you need more practice.

You will need a firearm .32 cal. or bigger (preferably your own and the firearm you plan on qualifying with).  A minimum of  100 rounds of ammo but 125 is recommended if you are not a seasoned shooter.

Eye and hearing protection (can be purchased at live fire location for $3.25 for ear plugs and safety glasses combined)

Close toed shoes and a ball cap.



Accompany your little shooter as he or she takes first steps with a rifle.

Caliber and size appropriate firearms are provided however you are welcome to bring your own.

This course covers the various knowledge,skills and attitude needed to practice using a rifle safely and proficiently. This is not a child live fire only. The parent will shoot as well.

Being 1st steps the caliber used will be a .22 cal for both parent and child.

Material covered: Gun Safety, types of rifle actions, how to score a target, what makes a cartridge(bullet), Dominant eye, The bench rest and prone position, and shooting fundamentals put into practice by both the child and parent

Both Parent and Child will need hearing and eye protection(on hand for $3.25 per person), closed toed shoes, ball cap, and at least 50 rounds of ammo per person. (I can supply ammo for $10.00 per 100 rounds , please let me know if you would like me to supply)

The below fee is for the parent and 1 child.


  Private firearms instruction to fit your needs.  This can be private 1 on 1 instruction or this can be used for you to dictate what you would like to learn and who or how many you would like to learn with. Family’s are welcome to book these services however large groups should use my contact form and I can find something to fit your needs.

The fee is only $15.00 hour for the first 2 and then $10.00 per hour after.

To book Private Instruction time contact me here.

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If you purchase a seat in any classes offered and are not able to make the class, you may reschedule without having to repay as long as you notify me  at least 24 hours before the start of the class so that I can notify the next person in line.  If you want a refund, I will refund the course cost minus a $25 cancellation fee if you notify me at least 24 hours before the original class start time.  Once you reschedule a course, there are no refunds if you want to cancel.  If you do not show up to class and do not notify me prior to the start time of your class or if you cancel a second time, you will not get a refund and you will be required to register and pay again if you want to attend another class.  Gift certificates are non refundable.